Wednesday, April 25, 2018

12 Week Fitness Journal Journey

**Please note: This a product review I wrote in exchange for a free product. However, all opinions are my own and honest.**

Let me start out this review by saying one thing: I have tried a LOT of fitness journals!

Seriously. Mainly apps on my phone to record workouts, calories, etc, etc. I've also tried a few printable ones - some free and some not - and even just using a pretty notebook. But I've never actually continuously used any of them.

The apps I think because I'm really just more of a pen and paper girl. There is something about actually writing something down - committing pen to paper - that makes it so official. That's why I was so excited to try out this 12 Week Fitness Journal.

I've only officially been using it for a few days now, but truly am loving this thing! Here are just a few of the highlights, along with how I've been using it.

  • It has a place to set 12-week goals, along with a space to record your weight and measurements.

  • It has room to plan out your weekly workout goals and weekly meal plan. I'm using a Tracy Anderson workout video, along with recording my steps with a Fitbit and cardio using my stationary bike or a video. For meal plans, I'm not setting out a specific plan since I tend to like to shop by the day when the weather is warmer. We have a grocery store on the corner and I love to walk there and get all of our ingredients fresh for dinner. So I'm setting calorie goals instead, for each meal and snack. On the weekend I've allowed more calories for dinner since we usually have bigger meals then, or my husband and I might get out on a date.

  • It has room to record your workouts - whatever kind you do that day! This can include strength exercises with sets and reps, cardio (class or machine) as well as anything else you did that day. I'm using mine to record the workout video I did (I'm using Tracy Anderson's Method Express right now.)  
  • You can rate yourself! There is a space to record how closely you got to meet your goals. This is great for looking back and seeing how certain things affected your eating and workouts. 
  • Many fitness journals only have space to record calories and fat. This journal gives you room for calories (or points!), fat, carbs and an empty column for any additional nutrient you may want to record. This can be really handy if you're lacking something, like Vitamin D or Iron.

All in all, it's a fantastic way to track your fitness and health goals, especially if you're not an app girl.

You can get a copy yourself on Amazon here.