Monday, May 14, 2018

Some Really Cozy Shoes

Let me begin by saying that I am typically NOT a cozy shoe kind of gal.

I love shoes and I love all kinds - flats included - but seeing as how I can't shell out thousands for a pair of designer shoes that combines the comfort and style I love together - I usually end up sacrificing the comfort. That's why I just had to try these out! These shoes from Hotter claimed to combine them both.

I slipped this on just this morning to head out to the park with the kids. Now let me be clear - I play with my kids at the park. I get in the sand, I push the swings and I even get in on the sliding action sometimes. So needless to say I'm not easy on my shoes.

So these shoes were really put the test when I ventured into the sandbox with my 4-year-old to hunt for rocks. Rocks of all kinds. And I will say for certain these shoes did not disappoint. 

Not only were they sturdy and stable, but the soft insoles were absolutely incredible! It's been a while since I've felt so comfortable in a pair of shoes actually...

Featuring beautifully soft leather materials, cushioned insoles (and I mean cushioned!) these slip-one were a dream! Not only that, but they are so cute too! I especially love the giant bow on them - makes them feel a little less practical, a lot more fun.

Want to grab a pair for yourself? There’s plenty of styles to choose from and some great sales happening over there right now, so go and check it out —> 

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