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Quebec History Mystery 13 - Life in New France Around 1645

 Quebec History Mystery 13 

Life in New France Around 1645

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Another Quebec history mystery is here! In this unit, your learners will answer the question: What was life like in New France around 1645? They'll discover life at a trading post, what people grew and ate, how they traded and even how they found ways to entertain themselves.

Easy QR Code Research

As with all of the other History Mysteries, QR codes are used to make research super simple. In this unit, students will use 3 pages on the very helpful Learn QC website to read about daily life in New France around 1645. They'll then answer a set of questions to show what they learned.

Simple Worksheets

The worksheets included in these units are simple and made with this age group in mind. Some require a written answer, while others require multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank. If your learner has trouble writing, you could write for them or use a PDF software like Adobe to allow them to type their answers.

These worksheets are perfect for learning portfolios to show what your student has been learning at home or in class. They are short and to the point and cover the required progressions.

Quebec Progressions of Learning for History and Geography

Whether you're teaching in a classroom or homeschooling in Quebec, teaching the social studies progression is a legal requirement. That's why I have been sure to include the progressions that this unit covers so that you can be confident that you are covering the material properly. 

If you are using all of these units combined, you will cover all of the progressions of learning for cycle 2 elementary (grades 3 and 4) - 2 years of learning.

Bonus Project

This unit like some other includes a fun project idea that kids can complete to further their learning - or just add a little fun! Since they will be learning about food in New France, it could be fun to fill in this pretend menu. There are 2 versions - one kids can decorate on their own and one with premade decor.

Learners will use the knowledge they have of what people ate in New France at the time and new foods that were introduced to the colonists by indigenous nations. You could even turn it into a special family dinner night if you'd like! The dishes are pretty simple.

Download the free unit below

You can download this free unit by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this unit you share the link to this blog or my Quebec Homeschool helps blog, NOT the direct Google link. Thank you!

You may also share this printed resource for FREE as long as my website name remains on the bottom of the page. Let's make education accessible for all!

Download Quebec History Mystery 13 Here

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