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Quebec History Mystery - Who Lived in new France 1645?

 Quebec History 

Who Lived in New France Around 1645?

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We're diving into another question about New France around 1645 in this Quebec History Mystery - our twelfth unit! This unit covers some of the progressions of learning for elementary cycle 2 in the province of Quebec. It can be used in homeschools, classrooms, or co-ops!

In this mystery kids will answer the question "Who lived in new France around 1645?"
They'll also earn their twelfth badge!

The Research
As always, research is made super simple with some QR codes (and their links on another page) that will show kids exactly where to find the information they need. In this unit as in many others, we are using the wonderful resource LEARN QC, which features short and simple texts kids can read to cover Quebec history.

After reading the short paragraphs they'll answer some questions.

The Worksheets
The worksheets are simple, to the point, and perfect to show what kids have learned and how they covered the Quebec history requirements. You can always add additional resources if you or your learners want to take a deeper dive into a certain period of history you're reading about, but these sheets cover the basics. They could also serve as a great introduction or review.

The Progressions of Learning in Quebec Education Program

Whether you're in a classroom or teaching your kids at home, it is a requirement in the province of Quebec to follow the social studies program as described in the Quebec Education Program. These short History Mysteries go over a few progressions each. You could use just a few or you could use them all. If you do choose to use all of the units (and future units coming in the next few weeks) you will have covered all of the progressions for social studies in elementary cycle 2.

Download the free unit below!

You can download this history unit by clicking on the link below. All I ask is that when sharing this resource you do not share the direct google link (this causes a lot of traffic and slows down things for everyone) but share this blog post or blog. You MAY share paper copies as well and distribute them for FREE as long as my website remains in the bottom right corner. Let's make education accessible for all!

Download Quebec History Mystery New France Here

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