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Illustration in a Text Unit Free - The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

 Illustration in a Text Unit Free 
Visual Elements in Literature

Most kids grow up reading and being read picture books. But have you ever asked your students to make the connection between illustrations in a fictional text and how they change and affect the storyline?

In this unit, this all-important concept will be covered for grades 4-6 using the beautiful book by Peter Brown, The Curious Garden.

Lesson Plans and Worksheets
Included in this unit you'll find some guided lesson plans to use. There are 2 days of lesson plans that should take 45 minutes to an hour of classroom time, or about 30 minutes of 1-on-1 time to complete. Of course, you can choose to divide the lessons up even further by listening to the literature on one day and responding to it the next.

I've included everything you need to teach, including an anchor chart, worksheets, and the lessons that tell you exactly what to do.

An Original Text and Response
In order to get your students warmed up and ready for a response to the picture book used in this unit, they'll start off with a short text. this an original mentor text I wrote for this unit that includes illustrations and a response worksheet.

You will read the text as a class, pausing as indicated in the lesson plans to discuss how the images that go with the story relate to it and add to it. This is a great way to get your students thinking more about illustration connections. They will then choose their favourite image from the story and the one or two sentences they felt connected with it the most and give an explanation as to why.

The Curious Garden Literature Response Unit
In the second lesson, students will listen to the video read aloud of the Curious Garden. Of course, if you would like to read the book yourself you can do this as well. The lesson plan guides you on where to stop in the story and discuss the text imagery vs illustration and when to connect the two.

After doing this, students will respond to the story using two excerpts and connect those to the illustrations in the book. As this book contains many wordless pages, it's a great choice for teaching this topic!

Download the Unit Below
You can download this free unit by clicking on the link below.
**Please do not share the direct link to the google drive, but a link to this post instead. This FREE resource may be shared for FREE, used in online teaching or in-person teaching so long as my website address ( remains on every page. You may NOT sell this unit for a fee or distribute it as your own work. Let's keep education free and accessible to everyone! Thank you**

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