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Free Worksheets Counting to 120 for Kindergarten-1st Grade


Counting and cardinality are important skills for kids to grasp in the early years. Knowing number order well, as well as which numbers come before which lay important foundations for all of the basic math operations they'll learn later on in their schooling journey. So plenty of practice is important!

These free worksheets give students the opportunity to not only practice writing numbers, but writing them without always starting from 1. They will learn to count forward, backward, and learn to know which numbers come before and after other numbers.

I've included 13 worksheets in this set so that you can cover both kindergarten and first-grade common core standards for counting to 100 or 120.

These sheets will help you cover the following standards:


I've listed the standards covered on each page so that you'll always have that information handy too!

More Teaching Help

If you need more resources to teach counting to 100 or 120, my interactive and warmup Google Slides are a great addition to these worksheets! Warm-Ups help you get your class counting and a re a fun way to begin you class time. Interactive slides can be assigned as centers or homework for students and are full of fun, colorful activities for them to practice number order and counting.

You'll find all of these products in my TeachersPayTeachers Shop! You can download the free worksheets by scrolling down ...

Find this math warmup here...

Find these interactive math slides here:

Find these Google Slides here:

Download the free worksheets below:

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